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Welcome all to my NextGenFandom website. If you’re as big of a soccer fan as me, you look forward to pretty much every soccer competition across the globe.  The World Cup, EPL, UEFA Champions League, MLS, etc.  Here, you’ll find up to date posts on some of the current soccer tournaments, leagues and other news.

Also, the advancement in the quality of soccer gear is astounding and I want to be part of providing you with the newest soccer gear that’s being used in the most recent competitions.  So you’ll find some commentary and news on that front.

My Life in Soccer

Soccer has been a huge part of my life since I was 3 years old growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. My years of soccer experience include youth club competition, Olympic Development teams and participating at the collegiate level.

When I began playing soccer, the jerseys were still cotton t-shirts. The shorts were, um short! And the shoes only came in the molded variety.

As my soccer career progressed, so did the advancement in the gear. Dri-FIT fit material, neon colors and gasp! screw-in cleats.

I continue to be amazed as new technology comes about in the soccer universe and I try my best to keep up with those advancements.


If you’re like me and my friends, we get excited around the time of every major soccer competition, as this is usually the time major soccer teams or countries put out their newest uniforms and gear.

Have you ever heard “looking like you know how to play is half the game.”? Well, maybe not half, but soccer fans without a doubt take pride in wearing their team’s or country’s newest soccer gear.

So please have a look around and I encourage all to comment and provide their opinions on any and all content.



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