US Women’s World Cup Gearing Up!

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On June 7th, 2019, the FIFA Women’s World Cup will commence. The US Women’s World Cup is the pinnacle tournament for women soccer across the globe. So lets discuss what the women are wearing in this 2019 competition.

The Home Whites

These hit the simple is better idea. Solid white with the red and blue accents on each short sleeve. And of course, it not only rocks the USNT crest with their three stars that represent their three World Cup championships on the chest, but the US wanted to make their dominance known and put the three stars on the back. In my opinion, these are much better than what the USMNT rolled out prior to their World Cup qualifying failure (I’m still numb. Still numb). Anyways, the Women’s home whites hit a home run.

The Away Reds

Well, the away red jerseys I’m not so keen on. Solid red with faint designs across the entire jersey, just didn’t appeal. I think they could have done a lot better and used the same faint designs, but just going with the solid blue. Again, these flash the US Women’s soccer dominance with having the USNT crest including their three stars on the chest and represented as well on the back.

Fan Gear Must Haves

So what gear is the soccer fan must haves? I’ll rank them for you.

1. Jersey

2. Lid or ap

3. T-shirt

Jersey – It’s all about showing your pride just like the players on the field. I’m not a name on back type person, but a lot are. So go for it!

Lid or Cap – There’s nothing easier to just throwing on a baseball style hat to show your support. You can get away with just rocking this and no other team branded clothing.

T-Shirt – Short sleeve or long sleeve another easy and convenient item to throw on to show your support. T-shirts are convenient enough to just wear to a match, out to the store or just being in the comforts of your own home.


Where to Get Your GearFanatics.com


For the Unique Fan

For you crazy soccer hooligan types, there are plenty of options out there. An example is the team branded headbands. Then there are options for those fans that like to get a bit rowdy. The classic vuvuzelas can be purchased to make your team passion heard.

Let Your Pride Show

So are you geared up? There’s no better feeling than expressing your pride during one of the world’s greatest competitions. You just need to find what works for you. The great thing about soccer fashion is that they’re constantly changing. So if the current gear doesn’t appeal to you, I can promise that you’ll have new options in the very near future.

So get geared up, and pull for your team with passion.



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