USA vs Thailand. Woah!!

USA vs Thailand in the US Women’s World Cup proved to be, well, lets say a “mismatch”. Going in, I think everyone knew that the US’ class would be beyond what Thailand could even think about being able to handle. But what can we learn from this trouncing. And was it fair to Thailand to keep scoring when the outcome of the match was well decided?

The Good

Goals. Goals and more Goals. Regardless of the level of your opponent, you want to make sure you’re starting the match sharp. Especially, in a competition like the Women’s World Cup. So it’s safe to say that the US Women showed they’re sharp on the offensive side of the ball. The goal scorers included the following:

Alex Morgan – 5

Rose Lavelle – 2

Sam Mewis – 2

Lindsey Moran – 1

Megan Rapinoe – 1

Mallory Pugh – 1

Carly Lloyd – 1

That’s a lot of goals. Unfortunately, I think it’s my opinion that a lot of them were due to the just overall poor quality of the Thailand team. But still a lot to be proud of for the Americans. The competition will only get tougher, so it’s important for them to keep focus.

The Bad

Ummmmmmmmmm????? Can’t really say there are any negatives in this match for the US Women’s team. Maybe, just maybe the level of competition was so bad they won’t come out vs Chile on Sunday, June 16th? That’s about all I can throw out there in terms of finding any kind of bad coming out of this match.

Did The US Go Too Far?

So 13-0, huh? It was 3-0 at the half. Who thinks the US went too far by piling on 10 goals in the second half? Comment below and let me know what you think.

I think it’s fine. I mean, the US Women’s World Cup is the pinnacle soccer competition when it comes to women’s soccer. The Americans are no doubt in it to win it. And they got their all important first three points.

But yeesh! Poor Thailand. You could see their souls just being crushed as goal after goal was let in. This was also verified by the tears of the Thailand players post game.

Start The Alex Morgan Golden Boot Train

So it’s safe to say that Alex Morgan is off to a great start for the Women’s World Cup’s Golden Boot award. For those that don’t know, that award goes to the player in the competition who nets the most number of goals. I mean, I’d be impressed with netting five goals in the entire tournament. But five in one game shows us that it’s now Alex Morgan’s award to lose.

What’s Next For The US Women’s Team

The next match: Vs Chile – Sunday, June 16th at 12:00pm EST. Televised on Fox

Current Group F Standings:





  1. Hi Bryan,
    thanks for the article. I think the quality of both teams was just too different. Now, it is important to keep the focus as the games will be more difficult.
    Looking forward to your next article 🙂

    • I agree Mia. I think a blowout was expected, but nothing like 13-0. Thanks for checking in!!

  2. A complete miss match. Football – even men’s football not that big a sport over here!. But 13-0. I think at half time the girls realised – points are in the bag and started to turn up the heat realising it was such an easy match and goal difference might make the difference to ensure qualification.

    On that aspect – lets hope Thailand shut up shop in their remaining matches

    • Agreed Derek. My wife pointed out the huge advantage now with goal differential. So can’t really fault them for laying it on!


  3. That was an amazing game, and Alex Morgan is pretty amazing. Where do you think she ranks on the all-time greats?
    I love the World Cup, I wish it was more often than every 4 years. I played soccer as a kid and it is one of my favorite sports to play and watch.
    I am hoping for a US victory, but will have to wait and see.

    • Steve, I agree with your thoughts on Alex Morgan. I think she might be on track to be the greatest goal scorer in women’s soccer history. She’s definitely on her way and with many more years to play.

      Waiting every four years for a soccer competition like the World Cup is long. But the good news is that the Men’s World Cup is now only a little over three years away and the increasing popularity and media attention that the MLS is getting helps feed my soccer hunger.

      Thanks for stopping by. Please return as much as possible as I will be posting content on a weekly basis.


  4. Wow, 13 goals to zero??!! I will happily support my U.S. Women’s team in going for it! I didn’t watch the game so I really can’t comment on the intention. Good for those ladies.

    • I know, right!? 13 goals in any soccer match is pretty impressive in my opinion. The USA women seem to definitely be out to win!

      Thank you for stopping by!


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